Cogni™ all in one individualized  solution for Payers (insurance providers and other)

We are creating new opportunities for effective and affordable individualized care

According to several studies, mental health benefits and services are very

important to employees. 


This is why the Cogni End-to-End AI-Driven Individualized Care solution for Payers makes it possible to treat your members faster. Cogni AI solution helps assess and diagnose your members, while Cogni XR uses VR-based exposure therapy immersive environments to engage and measure your member's progress by providing biometrics data and behavior assessement.


The use of the Cogni software allows you to offer mental health care services to a greater number of people while optimizing your entire therapeutic pathway. 

We help you accelerate services to your members by offering  alternative therapy delivered by our community of intervention professionals,

mental health counselors, life coaches, and others who offer affordable alternatives to quickly improve the personal and professional well-being of your members

who find themselves on waiting lists for front-line care.  


A  multimodal approach to serving your members !  


Transcending ''front-line'' workers into captivating
immersive VR-Based retreat to improve their own
mental wellness

Encourage your members to take short breaks in our virtual reality self-care environments to channel their energy and improve their well-being.

Hybrid  solution and  Starter's Kit 

The Cogni XR Health Platform is compatible to PC, MAC, tablette and many VR Headsets (PICO, RIFT, QUEST, Cardboard, HTC and others). We also offer ready-to-use Starter's Kit for your members.

Getting started with Cogni XR Health

Integration with your existing systems

We respect all the regulations and our platform is compliance-ready. We are

PAA- PIPEDA, GDPR compliant with End-to-End Encryption.

Experiential  training and solutions you need

 Wellness experiential training for your teams and your members.

Access  Cogni's alternative therapy

Cogni's community of counsellors and life coaches offers remote alternatives therapies and uses advanced therapeutic modalities in their practice as a way to quicky support your members who are on a waiting list.


Compatible to the following platforms:

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