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Connect your students to XR therapy and improve their well-being.

Improve your school environment by offering ready to use XR-based therapeutic and training solutions. Go beyond typical therapeutic options and leverage XR for your students wellness.


Connect your students to the future of health

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Bring the latest tech to a new generation

Access to XR-based therapeutic and training solutions, designed for a generation redefining their needs.

Access to diverse and qualified providers

The Cogni XR Platform provides your students with verified, diverse, and licensed mental healthcare providers that leverage XR for wellness.

Customize the student experience

Access to tools to create 2D and 3D virtual therapeutic spaces and objects.

Setting your institution up in a flash

Made for your institutions needs

The Cogni XR Platform can be customized to fit your needs and branding.

Launch knowing your covered

A HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant registration/login system using HealthCloud as its back end or integration with existing systems.

The access and professionals you need

Verified, diverse and licensed professionals and trainers for your student population that use both regular therapeutic modalities and leverage XR for their well-being.




High praise from our customers

Ready to connect your campus and improve your students well-being?

Book a demo today, and see how it works.

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