Cogni™ solution  for Mental health Providers 

With a simple click, get a complete picture of your patients' progress

Cogni is designed for mental health providers who want to optimize their practice by providing efficient and specialized treatment pathways to better help their patients. As a provider, you have access to your tracking dashboard that provides you with a picture of your patient's progress in order to structure your treatment plan. Our treatment software is powered by AI and can detect, diagnose, and predict verbal and non-verbal cues related to the treatment pathways used for your patients. Knowing that accessibility to care is a major challenge in the healthcare system. 

To address this issue, Cogni also offers alternatives therapy solutions as  a parallel and complementary service to patients who are on your waiting list.

A Supportive Hug

For  Providers working in schools settings
Connect your students  to Cogni's alternative community of healing

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Efficient therapeutic  alternative solutions 

Through partnered counsellors, life coaches, and other professionals in interventions, Cogni's

parallel and complementary service to help support students waiting for mental health support for

their anxiety, substance abuse, concentration challenges, or days to day stress caused by exams or

other related issues. The Cogni Alternative2 therapy offers experiential learning and self-care

programs to help students take control of their own well-being.

Access to  a diverse group of qualified professionals

Our Alternative  therapy community is diverse and take pride in creating an impact in the life of students regardless of their learning challenges, their cultural background and/or how they identfy themselves while they wait for services from the Health and social services system.

Customize the student experiencial learning journey

A healing community that offers a scripted therapeutic pathway representing the student narrative using VR-based exposure.

Setting your interventions programs up in a flash!

Made to improve your intervention's program delivery

The Cogni XR Platform offer a customized service to fit your needs and help engage your users. We offer different licensing packages for the platform and our alternative to therapy online store.

Launch knowing your we are a compliant-ready platform

With a HIPAA/PIPEDA/GDPR compliant Providers and Patients Dashboard.




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