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Democratizing mental health and breaking barriers with immersive XR

Cogni XR is designed for accelerating your therapeutic services and standards of care. Built for patients, used by mental health care prividers, EAP and workplaceplace wellness programs, and clinicians in educational institutions.

Mental Health Care Providers

Onboard your private practice and improve your patient's therapeutic experience.

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Workplace Wellness (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that goes beyond the physical environment.

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School Wellness

Improve your school environment by offering ready to use XR-based therapeutic and training solutions.

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Go beyond your physical interaction

The Cogni platform offers the ability to explore emerging virtual technology tools, providing a one-stop shop of immersive environments offered in synchronous or asynchronous mode before, during, and after, for therapeutic purposes.

What to expect

  • HIPAA/PIPEDA complaint regeistration/login system

  • HealthCloud as a backend integration with existing systems

  • Access to tools to create 2D and 3D virtual therapeutic spaces

  • Access to Cogni XR Platform, with verified and diverse mental healthcare providers

  • Access to onboarding specialists to teach users what to expect and how to use equipment

“I couldn’t be happier with the Cogni XR Platform, it has helped my patients in ways I couldn’t before”

Tara James, Registered Psychologist

“Our workplace has benefited so much from the Cogni XR Platform. We use Monday morning’s to meet on the beach as a team and get ready for the day ahead”

Colleen Summers, HR Coordinator at Age Well Inc.

“My patients have improvedf so much since I started using Cogni XR within my practice, it’s been so beneficial”

Benjamin Prior, Counsellor

High praise from our customers

Who we've worked with

Learn more today and optimize the therapeutic treatment you offer.

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