Cogni™  Alternative therapy solution for Patients on waiting lists

Cogni One-stop shop for Alternative therapy offers workshops, experiential training solutions, and strategies to help you  take control over your own self-care, on your own time!  

We know accessibility to care is a challenge. We've regrouped a

community of counsellors, life coaches and other professionals in

interventions to offer tools, support groups and workshops to help

you take control over your own self-care on your own time. Offering an alternative while on the waiting list.


Become the expert at improving your own self-care!

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Optimize  your self-care  toolbox with the Cogni Alternative solution ! 

Cogni offers a variety of tools and strategies to create and customise your self-care program. Our Alternative 2 Therapy online  shop is a complement to your therapeutic journey in parallel or while you wait for more specialized care. 

Fast and Effective immersive care by the Cogni Collective 

Our Alternative community of healing will help you relieve your pain and boost your

well-being with different strategies and tools while you wait for more

specialized services.

***For all emergencies please contact 911 or go to the emergency.***

Participate in workshops, support groups while you wait for Specialized services 


1. Head to Shop Self-care for Althernative therapy

Choose from our Cogni collective tools and strategies to develop coping

strategies while you wait or in parallel to your sessions with your provider

2. Order your starter's kit and start your self-care on
your own time

Our starter's Kit offer an affordable VR Headset, our self-care user guide with the URL code to download our APP.

Ounce you receive your starter's kit, you can register to different workshops, support groups  to help you take control over your own self-care.

3. Access a Safe Platform where your data are protected

Our platforme is safe and we follow the regulations on protecting personal




Ready to become the expert at improving your own self-care ?

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