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Group therapy

HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS (in hospitals, clinics, schools, and community centers )

Digital therapeutic solutions to optimize & scale your practice 

Virtual reality promotes multimodal interactions to enhance the effectiveness of the therapeutic journey.

AI assists in analyzing the patient's needs and enables them to refine their clinical interventions through evidence-based data.

In short, these solutions allow for more efficient treatment of patients while preserving a personal development space for therapists.

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Accessible immersive tools for collective well-being

Virtual reality addresses social injustices by democratizing taboos through personalized immersive activities, while also offering calming solutions for both practitioners and their members.

Quickly measure outcomes.

AI enables accurate analysis of activities impact on members through evidence-based data, while raising awareness of behavioral biases.

Guaranteed proof of impact

This demonstrates the impact of the organization's activities and raises consciousness through the organization's dedicated activities and events.

Expand the ability to treat more patients on-demand

Expanding  care  to  more patients  on-demand

Integration with your existing systems

A HIPAA/PIPEDA complaint registration/login system using HealthCloud as its back end, integrating with existing practices.

Effective & scalable solutions

Cogni XR Platform onboarding process takes less than 30 minutes. Our exposure therapy scenarios will help reduce  your patient's anxiety symptoms by 66-90% in 50% of the time (from 20 down to 10 sessions).

Safety and privacy for you and your clients

The Cogni XR Platform is end-to-end encrypted, using HealthCloud as its back end. You can scale your practice and quickly evaluate your patient's therapeutic experience  and take advantage from new reimbursement codes.


Compatible to the following platforms


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