Cogni for Mental Healthcare Providers

Improve your client's therapeutic experience with Cogni XR.

Improve your practice by onboarding with the Cogni Platform and offering your clients breathtaking immersive XR experiences to benefit their well-being.


VRET-Virtual reality exposure therapy

Image by Joe Pearson

Optimize the virtual environments with our AI  toolbox! 

Cogni offers a variety of tools to create and customise your virtual spaces, helping your clients face their fears or phobia.

Fast and Effective immersive care

Help your clients relieve their pain and  boost their well-being.

Getting your e-therapy practice up and running with the Cogni 


Integration with your existing systems

Seamless integration to accelerate your telehealth practice

Training solutions for you or your team

Training will be offered to you and your team for your onboarding 

Safety and data protection 

Secure spaces that meet compliance standards where you control your data



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