Cogni for Mental Healthcare Providers

Improve your patient's therapeutic experience with Cogni XR.

Improve your practice by onboarding with the Cogni Platform, and offering your patients breathtaking immersive XR experiences benefitting their well-being.


Serve your patients even better


Virtual care in any environment

With tools to create 2D and 3D virtual spaces and a library of objects, you can teleport your clients to new spaces.

Effective and immersive care

With access to the Cogni XR Platform you can boost your patients well-being.

Safe spaces for all

Connect to immersive enrivonments in which you are in control, giving your patients peace of mind during the therapeutic experience.

Getting your practice up and running with the Cogni XR Platform

Integration with your existing systems

A HIPAA/PIPEDA complaint registration/login system using HealthCloud as its back end, integrating with existing practices.

Training solutions for you or your team

Cogni XR Platform onboarding and training for you or team when you need it, to help you serve your patients better.

Safety and privacy for you and your clients

The Cogni XR Platform is end-to-end encrypted, using HealthCloud as its back end for user and corporate accounts, medical records, etc.




High praise from our customers

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