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Learn more about the Cogni XR Platform and everything it has to offer. Our demo will offer you all you need to know about the Cogni experience to improve the effectiveness of your standard of care... because Cogni is the future of immersive mental healthcare!

We have a suite of specialized solutions for assessment, diagnostic, monitoring and VR for the treatment of patients by mental health providers:

  • Using Employee Assistance Program (EAP )

  • In educational settings 

  • In public establishment, private or community settings

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Cogni XR Health: helping mental health providers deliver effective services to their patients by 
utilising Virtual Reality (VR)

Cogni offers advanced software to seamlessly integrate into your existing system 


Kimberly Cato, Registered Psychotherapist-TRUE ROOTS Counselling Services

“ Last night I was privileged to participate in what was truly an EPIC experience on the Cogni XR platform Ubuntu.  ”

Colleen Summers, HR Manager at Age Well Inc.

​“Our workplace has benefited so much from the Cogni XR Platform. We are looking forward to using the platform for our EAP services.”

Ruma concordia University.jfif

Ruma Ahmed, President of WIE,Concordia University 

“During our Mental Health Week, wewere fascinated by how Cogni virtual environments can support us, the Women in Engineering students of Concordia  University for our self-care.”


Cogni is your one-stop shop for specialized mental health solutions

SaaS model with yearly and monthly subscriptions and the possibility of licensing/personalisation with starter kits included for professionals.

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Personalise your care on day 1 through efficient data collection.

Monitor behaviour and predict patient health outcomes by accessing ready-to-use immersive and captivating virtual reality exposure therapy environments.

your patient's data with our high-security data protection aligning with North American and European digital health regulations.  

With your subscription, your patients also become Cogni members. They can take control  on their own time and terms by utilizing the Cogni selfcare program.

 Additional features and associated benefits. 

A user portal

A user portal with a booking system and seamless application to improve efficacy


Cognimeet encrypted video conferencing to meet your patients safely alongside AI predictions in real-time

virtual reality

Captivating use of virtual reality as a prescription to exposure therapy environments, supporting patients living with: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Substance abuse, Trauma and other mental health conditions

data collection &  protection

Cogni user portal is end-to-end encrypted and follows North American and European digital health regulations and compliance with


Partners and  Collaborators

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