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Frequently asked questions

Can I book a therapy or counselling session on the platform?

We would love to support you by referring you to one of our platform mental health providers. The Cogni XR Platform is designed for professionals who are: licensed mental health providers (including psychiatrists, psychologists, human relations therapists, counsellors, or any other mental health advisors in the therapeutic environment), corporations or any educational system clinicians who are part of a professional order, a recognized association or professionals from the academic or training community. Please contact us for more information, or if you have any questions.

How will XR help improve accessibility to mental health services?

XR technology allows an innovative approach in the treatment of anxiety disorders, fears, and more particularly phobic behaviors. It also offers great possibilities in the areas of personal and professional development. XR therapy offers a path to engage, support and assist individuals through immersive environments that are very close, in an extremely realistic way and in a three-dimensional universe. Situations experienced by users allow them to have control over their actions (in the performance of their tasks and coping skills development as well as tracking of the progress in achieving those skills). Thus, during the experience, the provider can accompany and support clients at any time during the immersive experience via video chat and 3D avatars combined.

Are you currently looking for Mental Health Providers?

Yes, we are currently looking for Mental Health Professionals for Employment Assistance Programs for corporations, enterprises, or organizations that have at heart the well-being of their employees. In addition, if you are a psychologist, social worker, guidance counselor, family and couples therapist (with a master’s or doctorate) etc., we would like to invite you to our private beta testing.