About Us

Cogni XR Health was built by Cognicorp+ Therapy Inc. a startup with the mission to become the benchmark for the effectiveness and delivery of specialized telehealth solutions to private and public organizations with EAPs, educational institutions, and mental health providers with a private practice that serves employees, students, and other individuals who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, phobia, or other related cognitive or behavioral health challenges.  We offer a safe, and affordable human-centered platform that's amplified by  immersive technologies like XR (VR, AR, assisted by AI).

We value building a wellness community in which we democratize mental health services through destigmatization, dialogue, privacy and data protection with effective emerging technology tools that meet compliance standards.

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Our story 

After working for more than 15 years in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec and Public establishments both in Quebec and abroad, Emmanuella Michel, Founder, and CEO of Cognicorp + Therapy Inc., Ph.D. A candidate in educational technology has devoted most of her career to serving Youths and families and employees through readaptation and EAP programs using cyber counseling strategies to help relieve emotional pain and boost well-being.  For the last few years, she managed  "living labs" research projects in the field of health, education, and autonomy and became a Facebook Oculus Launchpad Fellow where she developed the Alpha version of Cogni XR Health.


Emmanuella Michel, PhD Candidate
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Our Founder and CEO

Sabrina Boutin, BSC. M.ED
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Loulwa Bakkar, MSW, TSP
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Advisor-Mental Health Therapist 


Our COO- Digital Innovator-Data enthusiast 

Our Goal

UN sustainable GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

Our goal is to create a community of healing by combining traditional technics to improve wellness and effective emerging technology like XR (AR, VR, AI)  in our Cogni breathtaking therapeutic immersive environments for exposure therapy. We have also signed The Montréal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence, of The University of Montreal’s Technosocial Innovation Centre.

We are here to address telehealth issues of effectiveness, engagement, and predicting better health outcomes.