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About Us

Welcome to Cogni® XR Health. We prioritize people above all else, offering a wellness hub for workplace wellness and mental health support for different care settings.  We aim to address issues of accessibility, therapeutic support, and democratization of mental health services for patients, employees, and students across Canada and beyond by utilizing virtual solutions like  AI and immersive technologies.   

Our approach is rooted in Schlossberg's transition theory framework, which allows us to create a tailored therapeutic experience for each client. By leveraging  AI and virtual reality, we are able to provide immersive and engaging therapeutic solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Team

Emmanuella Michel, PhD Candidate, U laval, CA

Our Founder and CEO


DR. Pete  Markiewicz, Biochemist, UCLA 
Product Audit- Quality UI-UX design

Avatar 109

Sunali Katiyar, India, CA
Engineer & Operations

Avatar 106

Karla Felix Navarro, Ph.D, CA
R&D Tech Innovator / IT Researcher / Computer Networks Specialist

Murad, A, CA 

IT specialist et développeur VR/AR, Unity avec C#

Our Story

''After working for more than 15 years in the health and social services and education sectors (with vulnerable individuals and First Nations communities)  and for EAP programs in Canada, Emmanuella Michel, a Ph.D Candidate in Educational Technology, Facebook Oculus Launchpad Fellow founded Cogni ®. 


 She believes that everyone deserve access to quality mental health services, and with a great team of subject matter experts we are committed to making that a reality.


Explore our website to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you or your organization thrive.''

Our Advisors


Mohamed Mejri, CA

Professor at Laval University

Computer Security, Internet of Things, Formal Methods

Sabrina Boutin , BSI, MSM
Digital  Heatlh Transformation 


Laila Boumlik, CA
Doctorat en sécurité informatique

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-02 at 10_edited.jpg

Cardiology Fellow

DR. Farla J.L Volcy, CA/US 

Loulwa Bakkar, MSW, TSP, CA
Clinical advisor

Thomas Carey, US

Technology Innovation Strategist

Frans-Edna Ilcéus,Bsc Nursing, CA
Clinical advisor

Dale Kivi, MBA, US 

Digital Marketing Executive

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Join us 

'' We are a team of subject matter experts  who have learned to master our achille's heel by surronding ourselves with specialists to leverage our superpowers."

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