Digital therapeutics and self-help tools 

Cogni™ XR Health provides a unique one-stop platform powered by artificial intelligence to accelerate the assessment and diagnosis process, and offers self-directed Virtual Reality (VR)- based treatment journeys that are modular and cutomizable.

Built for patients and their caregivers used by:

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP),

  • Schools and professionals for interventions

  • Mental health care providers in public, private and Non-Profit organizations.

We have built an all-in-one, secure and seamless system that combines a health portal with functionalities: Cognimeet video chat, an AI application and virtual reality environments for exposure therapy, for beneficiaries living in North America and abroad. Your beneficiaries also has access to the Cogni collective platform allowing them to access (with their membership) support groups and to become the expert of their own "self-care"  in-between sessions. As a practitioner, you get an annual or monthly subscription allowing you to have a 360° understanding of beneficiaries needs, with our tools including the AI ​​application and VRET (virtual reality exposure therapy) to improve your standards of care by reducing your costs, dropouts and last minute cancellations.


 Digital therapeutics & alternative self-help tools

  For Payers (insurance providers and others)

Employee mental health costs approximately

1 trillion dollars in loss of productivity each


Cogni helps bolster your payers (insurance

providers or others) existing solution by improving your member's therapeutic experience and reducing cost. Our seamless software provides biometrics data and behavior assessment to measure their progress. 

We will work with you to optimize your

services to your member

  For Providers 

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly

impacted health systems and Mental health

care providers working in private practices,

health and social services or hospitals.

Cogni's AI-driven assessment and

diagnostic system helps you improve the

effectiveness of your patients therapeutic journeys by enhancing their engagement and predicting better health outcomes to measure their progress with personalized VR-based treatment pathways.

Utilise Cogni's platform to optimized your practice.

 For Patients  and caregivers on waiting list 
for services

The wait time to receive mental health

service (assessment, diagnostic, and

treatment) ranges from 6-24 months

depending on your state or province. There

are not enough providers to answer the


Cogni digital alternatives therapy solution got you and your caregiver covered with ready to use remote therapeutic tools while you are on the waiting list to receive first-line services related to treatment for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Substance

abuse and other minor behavioral health

condition that can be supported by mental health counsellors, life coaches or other qualified intervention professionals, 

Take back control over your own self-care!

Ensuring a seamless software , that respects regulations and is compliance-ready  to elevate the patient therapeutic pathways

High praise from our customers


“Last night I was privileged to participate in what was truly EPIC! The UBUNTU ACBN-COGNI XR  experience. I look forward to providing therapy and facilitating transformation with my clients on the Cogni XR Platform. ”

Kimberly Cato, Registered Psychotherapist-TRUE ROOTS Counselling Services

“Our workplace has benefited so much from the Cogni XR Platform. We use Monday mornings to meet on the beach as a team and get ready for the day ahead. We are looking forward to using the platform for our EAP services .”

Colleen Summers, HR Manager at Aging Well Inc.


“During our Mental Health Week, we were thrilled to host a guided meditation workshop with Yusa Masud, MARCC Registered Clinical Counsellor on the Cogni XR platform.  We were fascinated by how Cogni virtual environments can support us, the Women in Engineering students of Concordia  University self-care.”

Ruma Ahmed, President of WIE,

Concordia University 

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High praise from our customers

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