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Expanding Wellness
For All, Always

Virtual Hub Of Solutions to Scale Therapy
and Accelerate Wellness Results

Workplace Wellness (& EAP)

Digital solutions to assess the current state of your work environment, benefiting your wellness community. Boosting employee engagement and their sense of belonging to the organizational culture.

Mental Health Care Providers

Digital therapeutic solutions to expand your reach, enhance the practice of mental health professionals, and deliver personalized on-demand therapy scenarios. From admission questionnaire analysis to tailored therapeutic experiences.


Empowering digital solutions for collective well-being that foster meaningful interactions, personal growth, and a strong sense of belonging to a community dedicated to wellness and experiential learning.

Cogni®Is On A Mission

Provide a virtual hub to expand the reach of mental healthcare solutions so that healthcare providers and wellness programs help more people experience a more balanced recovery journey.

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What To Expect

Easy-to-use, on-demand immersive therapeutic scenarios & wellness exercises


HIPAA-PIPEDA compliance, SaaS platform with measurable results


AI-monitoring and analysis to better understand the patient's needs ("outstanding assistant") can save you valuable time and facilitate your workflow.

How It Works

  1. High-quality needs assessment algorithm                                                                                                                                     

  2. Monitoring using our proprietary  videoconference with an AI dataset trained at 91% accuracy accurately measures patient mood,                                                                                         

  3. Personalized treatment pathways with on-demand self-guided wellness exercises and VR exposure therapy  ( to reduce symptoms by 50% going from 20 to 10 sessions).

Platforms We Use


Our Customer's Testimonials


Kimberly Cato, Registered Psychotherapist-

TRUE ROOTS Counselling Services

“Last night I was privileged to participate in what was truly EPIC! The UBUNTU ACBN-COGNI XR  experience. I look forward to providing therapy and facilitating transformation with my clients on the Cogni XR Platform. ”

Clients & Partners

Interesting in integrating your Cogni® Community of healing ?

Learn more about our Hub for mental health
on-demand therapeutic tools.

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